Ewp's Nub Shop o.o/

Section for buy & sell in game item or service. No RMT please...
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Ewp's Nub Shop o.o/

Post by Bouncy » Wed May 12, 2021 4:57 am

Hiya! Ewp here. Nothing much here except for a few things that I find hard to sell or buy in CB.

PRICES ARE NOT FIXED! So feel free to make an offer. Resellers are welcome~

This has no slot.
This has one slot.
This has two slots.

• --


4 Lock - free if you find me in-game! Otherwise, 10k for appointments :p
Refine +E - 50k
(I'll only refine +E cuz I don't like refining XD)
Revita VI - 40k/stack (max 5 stacks per order)

Contact me here or via Discord:
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