Pet attack & skill

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Pet attack & skill

Post by Cryotic » Tue Dec 25, 2018 10:48 pm

So I have a pet that using a staff, but the type are physical defence & the nature are agile, I've already acquire the rage sword skill, and I already turn the skill on, but the pet didn't even use his skill or even attacking, does the different of the weapon and type affect his attack & skill? :geek:
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Re: Pet attack & skill

Post by Red_Fox » Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:24 am

weapon only affects attack range and stat conversion (like str to atk)
type only affects the base potential (stat growth), and in the case of Skill Boost the base skill power (?)
nature gives a stat bonus and affects battle behavior but not skill usage.

affinity the key factor here.
nature boni scale with affinity and the pet's obeydience does as well.
if your pet has 0% affinity, you can't summon it.
from 5% onwards you can call it to battle, but it may not fight for you.
the lower the affinity, the higher the chance that the pet will skip actions and do nothing.

affinity can only be raised by feeding the pet. you can do this once every 8 hours.
after 8 hours the pet will be hungry and affinity decreases by 5% every 4 hours.
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